Where can I find out more about AngularJS?


Active Commerce uses AngularJS extensively. If you want to extend the Checkout, Shopping Cart, or other functionality that uses AngularJS, you should first familiarize yourself with AngularJS concepts such as:

  • Data Binding
  • Controllers
  • Services
  • Form Validation
  • Directives
  • Events
  • Promises

Active Commerce does not make extensive use of AngularJS routing, because we are not really creating a "single page application," just utilizing AngularJS to handle the complex interactions on specific pages that are required of an e-commerce website.

Some resources for learning AngularJS can be found below.


The Basics





Non-Trivial Code Examples

AngularJS CRUD Demo

Angular Seed



Structuring your AngularJS Application

AngularJS Modules for Great Justice


Understanding Directives

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Directive

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