Skinning Active Commerce - Front-end developer workflow


One of the first things encountered when starting the skinning of your first Active Commerce project is the issue that the front-end (UI) developers need to compile the project to see their updates reflected.

This is a very typical scenario in Sitecore development as the files need to be built and deployed from the source code directory to the Sitecore installation directory where IIS serves the site from.

However, there is a workaround. Check out the CopySauce application here:
CopySauce will monitor a given directory and it's children for changes and copy changed files to a destination directory. We use it internally here when doing UI work and have it configured to copy any UI changes associated with our Active Commerce skin.
When you download the CopySauce zip file it includes some instructions in a PDF doc. Refer to the Settings section. You'll see they show configuration for "folders_to_watch".
Open that config file and add "skins". That will copy any relevant changed files from the skins directory.
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