Which automated emails come out of the box?


Included Automated Emails

The emails included by default are:

  • Order Mail to Customer - The order receipt sent to the customer
  • Order Mail to Admin - Copy of the order receipt sent to administrators
  • Order Processing Error - Message sent to administrators when an order error occurs
  • Your password has been changed - The email sent to the customer when using "Forgot Password" feature

These show up in Sitecore under Webshop Site Settings\Mail Templates:

Email Configuration

Each email allows a certain amount of configuration in Sitecore. You can set the From and To addresses, Subject, and Body copy. Some emails are html-based and utilize the Sitecore rendering engine to render the email body. In those cases, a BodySource will be specified. This will be used in place of the Body copy.

These Rich Mail Templates have even more configuration available, and are rendered using the Sitecore rendering pipeline, so you can modify things like Presentation Details.

Throughout, you'll notice placeholders, denoted by braces (e.g. {Recipient}), which are replaced with dynamic content when the email is sent. 

So, who actually receives these emails?

For the Order Mail to Customer and Your password has been changed, the customer's email address will be passed in as the {Recipient} and used as the To address.

For the Order Mail to Admin, the {Recipient} will be the configured Sales Email address (located under Webshop Business Settings\Company Master Data).

For the Order Processing Error, 2 emails will be sent - one with the {Recipient} as the configured Sales Email address and one with the configured Technical email address.

For issues relating to the emails not being sent, see this article.

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