What are my options for data reporting?


Currently your options for reporting with Active Commerce are:

  • Sitecore Analytics. You can obviously use this for visit information, broken down by marketing campaign. If you are not otherwise using Engagement Value (e.g. to score goals on your site), Active Commerce 3.1 does apply purchase value to the user's engagement value by default. This means that the Sitecore Analytics reports, such as the Insight Dashboard, would be able to show revenue data as well.
  • Google Analytics. If you populate the Google Analytics ID value in General Settings, this will enable both standard Google Analytics content reports, as well as Google Analytics Ecommerce reports, including purchase value and products purchased.
  • Active Commerce PowerShell Extensions. This module provides some basic reports and utilities specific to Active Commerce, utilizing the popular Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) module.
  • Back-end systems (Order Management, ERP). Active Commerce does store promotion/discount information with orders, so that integrated back-end systems can report on revenue for various discounting efforts. This could be extended to include information on triggered Sitecore DMS campaigns as well.
  • Active Commerce Database - SQL. For orders (or other user-generated content), you can also query the Active Commerce Database directly. See Order Reporting KB article for more information.

In the current Sitecore DMS, it's difficult for us to extend the reporting data to include e-commerce analytics. We are looking into how we can improve this in Sitecore 7.5, which allows for more extensibility in data collection, aggregation, and reporting.

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