Mastercard 2-series Card Number Support


Beginning January 2017, Mastercard will begin issuing card numbers in the 222100-272099 range. These numbers will be processed in the same manner as the current 510000-559999 Mastercard range, but e-commerce sites do require updates to ensure that the new card numbers pass validation within checkout.

Mastercard is asking all merchants to be ready for the new card numbers starting in October 2016. For more information on the new Mastercard BIN range:

Active Commerce is providing a hotfix for Active Commerce versions 3.1-3.3 which updates our client and server-side credit card validation to support the new Mastercard BIN range. You should test this hotfix in your development/staging environment prior to production deployment. This update will also be included in the forthcoming Active Commerce 3.3 Update-1.

If you are on a version of Active Commerce prior to 3.1, or have customized your checkout process and would like support with this update, please have a Certified Developer submit a support ticket.

We recommend that you also ensure that your payment gateway and merchant bank are ready for this new BIN range as well.

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