Active Commerce 3.3 Update-1 Now Available!


Active Commerce 3.3 Update-1 is now available from the downloads section of our website. If you do not have access credentials for our downloads area, please submit a ticket. Note these are different credentials than you may have for the Help Center.

What's New

  • Sitecore 8.2 - Active Commerce now supports the latest Sitecore release.

  • Coveo for Sitecore 4.0 - The latest Coveo for Sitecore release is now supported, including the cloud deployment option.

  • Braintree Payments Plugin The Braintree Drop-in UI payment integration makes it easier than ever to achieve PCI Compliance with your Active Commerce implementation.

  • Mastercard 2-series Numbers - This new card number range being released by Mastercard is now supported out of the box.

  • Glass Mapper v4.2 - The Sitecore "ORM" used by Active Commerce has been updated to the latest version, allowing use of the new features introduced in Glass Mapper v4.

Read the full release and upgrade notes for more details on this great update!

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